3 Out Of The Ordinary Places To Look For Gold To Sell For Extra Cash

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The stock markets have ups and downs, which causes investors to move to other resources to keep their assets secure. Most often, this is commodities and precious metals, which is good news for you if you want a little extra cash. If you can find a little extra gold, you can take it in for cash. Knowing where to find gold and easily collect it is the tricky part. Here are some out of the ordinary places that you may want to start looking for gold to sell:

1. Extracting The Gold Out Of Old Electronic Waste

Electronics are the new gold rush, and it is something that you can get in on too. Many people are using chemical solutions to refine and extract the gold from electronics. This is not the only way that you can get the gold out of your electronics. If you want to get the gold, you may want to consider some easier solutions to get the gold. Using a sharp knife to flake off gold leaf can be one of the solutions that you may want to try. In addition, many of the connections with pins are made of gold or silver and can easily be extracted without chemical processing.

2. Panning For Gold In Some Lesser Known Areas Under Your Nose

Panning for gold can be something that you may want to consider doing to find an extra gold nugget or even a precious stone. There are more places to pan for gold than you may think. If you live near an area where gold panning is done not far away, there is a chance that you may be able to pan near your home, especially if you live downstream. It is important that if you do this, you get permission to prospect on any private property that you plan on trying or talk with park officials if you plan on going to a regional or national park.

3. Look For Those Throw-Away Items That Might Be Hiding A Golden Secret

There are also many items that just get thrown in the dumpster, which can actually contain valuable gold. Some examples of this include stamps, medals and coins that may be coated with gold leaf. There are also plaques and trophies that can often contain precious metals that you can extract for your gold collection.

These are some of the out of the ordinary places that you may want to start looking for gold to sell. Once you have collected a nice little pile, take your precious metals to a place that is buying and selling gold to get the cash for your finds.