How To Position Yourself For The Best Rate On Your Next Mortgage

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A house is a purchase that needs to be made with a great deal of planning. If you can help it and you have the time, you should avoid rushing into it because doing so can cause you to end up with harsh loan terms. You want to position yourself so that you will be seen in the most favorable light by the lending agency. The best way to do this is to be prepared. If you want to get an amazing deal on your next home mortgage, the information listed below can help you get there.

Save For More Than Just The Down Payment

Although it's nearly always beneficial to save up enough money to have a sizable down payment, you want to set aside some money for another reason, buying points. The point system is basically put in place so that people who may not have the best credit score can still qualify for a low interest rate. If you have enough money saved to buy a few points, the difference in your annual percentage rate (APR) can be quite substantial.

The point system varies based upon which lending agency is supplying your loan. They will evaluate your credit history and come up with a set fee-per-point and let you know how much lower your interest rate will be if you pay for the point.

For example, you might be looking to take out a home mortgage loan for $200,000 dollars. Your lender lays out a deal which states that a point is going to cost you $3,000 dollars. They agree that each point you buy will knock 0.25 percent off of your APR. What this means is that, if you were initially going to have an APR of 5 percent, but you were able to buy 3 points, you have just taken your APR down to 4 percent.

Avoid The Urge To Get New Credit

If you've been working on your credit and have managed to raise your score, you might be tempted to run out and purchase that new car you've been eyeing. However, you want to at least wait until you've signed for your mortgage before making any other purchases that could impact your credit.

Taking the time to prepare for such a serious purchase is the only way to approach the home buying process. Perform these measures so you'll be ready when it's time to make the deal. For more tips, speak with a mortgage broker near you.