What To Do If A Loved One Asks You To Bail Them Out

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Many times, when someone you know asks you to bail them out they are asking for an emergency loan. However, when you receive a collect phone call and your loved one states that they've been arrested, you are going to need the services of a bail bondsman. Bonding someone out of jail means that you have to come up with a set amount of cash. You will also need to arrange to have all bond conditions set before your family member or friend will be released. These are the steps that must be taken to get a bail bondsman involved.

Confirming Where Your Loved One Is Incarcerated

You have to locate a bail bondsman who is close to the jail where your loved one is currently being held. First, all details of their identity as well as the conditions of bail that have been set must be confirmed. Remember that bail bondsmen are 'vouching' for whoever is being released, as they have to ensure that the incarcerated person returns for all court dates. Double-check to be certain that you have the right address of the correctional institution where your loved one is prior to arrange for he or she to be bonded out.

Securing Bail With Cash or Property

If you use a bail bondsman it is because bail has been set at a very high amount. The judge may have set bail at $10,000, which could be difficult for the average person to come up in cash quickly. When you work with a bail bondsman you can generally expect to come up with around 10% of the total bail amount. The bail bondsman will secure the remaining 90%, but you will have to sign documents ensuring you will do all you can to encourage your loved one to follow the conditions set by the court.

Ensuring Your Financial Contribution Is Returned

Getting accused of breaking the law and arrested for committing a crime doesn't mean that guilt has been proven. Your loved one might be acquitted or have these criminal charges dismissed. You can have the full amount of your bail contribution returned to you only when you have made arrangements at the jail or courthouse to have your family member released. In the event that you hire the services of a bail bondsman, you will most likely not see any of your financial contribution returned. Consider the fact that the bail bondsman put up the majority of the bail and you will understand the financial risk that was taken on their end.