Conditions You May Have To Follow When Out On Bail

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When you are arrested and placed in jail, you could get out by paying the bail money or by borrowing money from a bail bondsman. In either case, you may have conditions to follow in order to get out on bail, and you may have more conditions if you use a bail bondsman for a loan to get out of jail. Here are some of the conditions you may have when you are out on bail, and it is important to know what yours are so that you can avoid breaking any of them.

No Leaving the State

In most cases, people who are out on bail will face travel restrictions. In most of these situations, these restrictions will prohibit them from leaving the state and country. If you are on bail and have to leave the state for a good reason, you would have to get this approved before you just take off. If you leave the state without an approval, you could wind up with more problems if you are caught. The purpose of this condition is to make sure that the defendant stays in the area until the charges are completely settled. The court will let you know when this travel restriction is removed, and you should not leave the area until you know for sure that this is the case.

Check-Ins with the Bail Bondsman

A second condition you might be required to follow is checking in with the bail bondsman who offered the loan. This might involve going online to check in, or it might involve calling in or stopping in. There are additional forms of check-ins used too, and the types needed for your case will usually be dependent upon the severity of your crime and your risk level of skipping out on court. For example, you might be required to have a GPS monitoring system tied to your phone, or you might have to report in every single week to the bail bondsman. It is important to follow any type of check-in you are required to follow as often as that might be.

Staying Away from Alcohol, Drugs, and Firearms

It is also very common for a condition to be set that you must not consume alcohol, use drugs, or be near firearms. These are normal conditions that are put in place for most people who are out on bail, and you may have to change some things in your current lifestyle to meet these conditions.

No-Contact Order

You might also have a no-contact order you must follow, but this is typically only for situations when defendants are accused of stalking or doing something violent against another person. If you have a no-contact order, it will state the person that you are not allowed to contact or be near, and you must follow this order.

The Consequences of Violating These Conditions

If you end up violating any of the conditions listed, you could face consequences for this. The first time you break a condition, as long as it is a minor violation, you might only receive a warning. After that, or if you violate the conditions in a serious way, you could face a warrant for your arrest or charges of contempt of court. Additionally, you may lose the right to a plea bargain, if one was offered, and you could face other types of punishments and consequences as well.

Breaking any condition that is in place for you while you are out on bail could result in more legal problems. If you have questions or need help, contact a bail bonds service today.