Capital Funding When You Want to Renovate Your Church

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When it comes to renovating a large church building, you need to secure capital funding. This is done in a number of ways and can make the difference between a building project that is successful and one that puts the congregation in financial hardship for years to come. Capital funds are used to improve a structure and don't have the same restrictions that grant money would have. When you already depend on your parish for your day-to-day operating budget, finding the funds to engage in a large building project is going to take some creativity. You will need to learn new fundraising strategies and how to connect with your parish in order to get people to pledge money for the proposed project.

Getting Members Engaged in the Project

One aspect of raising funds for a large building project is to get members engaged in the process. When your parish knows what the project entails, they are going to be more likely to donate. You are going to need all kinds of people to invest their time, talent and treasure to get the project complete. When you engage members of your parish early, you can build on the interest that is shown.

Clearly State What You Need

It isn't enough to state that you need money donated. You will want to have a clear goal. Progress towards the goal should be visible to everyone participating in the building project. Whether you use a visible graph to show how close you are to your goal or you provide updates on a regular basis, raising capital has to be done in a way that people understand. Be clear about your goals and what the money is going to be used for.

Engage with a Professional Service

When you don't have members of your parish who are volunteering to raise capital, and you don't have anyone with the expertise, it's time to work with a consultation service. Together you will develop a plan to get your project off the ground and get your parish to fund it. With new ideas and strategies in place, you will be able to complete the renovations you want so your building is updated.

Capital funding can be a difficult task. When you work with a consultation service, you will get the guidance you need to get your project complete. Raising money doesn't have to be hard if you know what you are doing.

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