Your Options When The Court Charges Excessive Bail

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The Eighth Amendment protects you from paying excessive bail after an arrest, but this amendment does not stop the courts from charging exorbitant rates. The court might try to set an excessive rate in your case, but you can fight it. If you are in jail and feel that the bail is too high, here are some steps you can take to find a way out of jail.

Find Out the Bail Details

Before you begin working on your release, you will need to find out the details about your bail. How much is the bail cost, and what exactly are the charges the court has against you? Finding these things out can help you pursue your options and find a way out of jail.

Talk to a Criminal Lawyer

Next, you might want to talk to a criminal lawyer to find out what you can do about this issue. The lawyer will likely suggest petitioning the court to ask for a bail reduction. The court must hear your case and evaluate the facts if you request a hearing. If you feel the bail is too much, you will need facts and evidence to back up your claim. For example, if you have a clean criminal record, the court should not charge an excessive rate for your bail. If the charges you face are not very serious, they also should not charge a high rate for your bail.

Contact a Bail Bonds Agent

While you are working on getting your bail reduced, it is also helpful to contact a bail bond agent. They can assist you with getting your bail reduced by offering you advice and help. They can also offer to help you by paying the bail for you.

When you have to pay bail to get out of jail, you must pay the entire thing. When you hire a bail bond agent to get out of jail, you pay only a small portion of the posted bail. For example, you might only pay 10% to 15% of the bail amount. Paying this amount is more affordable than paying the entire thing. If the court does not reduce your bail, you can still get out of jail by paying the fee to the bail bond agent.

If you are in jail, you might be desperate to get out. Your best option is to contact a bail bond agent for assistance with your release. For more information, reach out to a bail bond company, like Steele Boys Bail Bonds.